Meet Me in the Middle: An introduction

I’m tired of us vs. them. I don’t want to fight; shoot, I don’t even want to watch this fight. Right vs. left. Liberal-conservative. Straight-LBGT+. Young-old … those dreaded millennials in between. Trump-AnybodyButTrump. Christian-Atheist. Mask wearers vs. mask haters. Vaxxers vs. anti-vaxxers.

I not playing this game. I’ve turned off CNN and Fox. I’m not flitting around like Chicken Little professing that the sky will be falling if Trump stays in office, or if he doesn’t. Or if the Democrats win control of the House. All these things have happened before: Congress has been Republican, Congress has been Democrat, Congress has been split. We’re still here. Everything is fine. Relax, Chicken Little.

What I hope to create here is some content for those of us who truly want to live in harmony with each other and stop participating in the bizarre (blame) game we’ve all seemingly been sucked into. I’ll offer up food for thought and ideas for dialing back the temperature.

Thanks for reading. Check back soon.

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